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Welcome to the official website for Whippin 8s Games. We are excited to present our inaugural board game, CATASTROPHE! Through the use of strategy - and a little luck from dice rolls - you and other players can work together (or against each other) to deploy operations and attempt to accomplish what the United States government never could... But beware! As the U.S. government quickly found out, assassinating Castro may be much harder than you think.

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Gameplay overview

In CATASTROPHE, players assume the roles of rival CIA agents tasked with the elimination of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. As was the case in real life, this operation will always end in failure, so the player’s goal is to save their job by making their fellow agents look as incompetent as possible. To accomplish this goal, players will collect sets of resources to plan operations across Cuba, deploy those operations strategically in different regions on the island, and resolve unsuccessful assassination attempts to determine who comes out of it looking the worst. Because of the inevitable failure, players have no way of improving their standing in the eyes of the Head Office; the only way to get ahead in the game of failure is by blaming it on everybody else.

The game board for CATASTROPHE: A Game of Failure

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A stencil of Fidel Castro serving as the primary logo for CATASTROPHE: A Game of Failure

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Brandon Durbin

Brandon, the visionary behind the original concept for CATASTROPHE, is always brimming with new ideas. In fact, he already has a 2nd board game in the works! With his background as a construction project manager overseeing large projects for a major non-profit, he is well equipped to lead our crowdfunding campaigns. At home, Brandon enjoys life with his wife and young daughter, who is sure to be a future board game enthusiast. His favorite games include Lords of Vegas and Carcassonne.

A photo of Brandon, one of the founders of Whippin 8s Games

Deron Steinbrecher

Deron, the biggest board gaming nerd of the team, proudly takes credit for introducing Brandon and Alex to the world of board gaming. By day, he applies his analytical skills in investment banking credit risk at one of the world's largest financial institutions. In addition to being a co-designer of CATASTROPHE, Deron is responsible for managing the finances and budgeting at Whippin 8s. Residing in Texas with his fiancée and two cats, Darcy and Delilah, Deron enjoys finding unique and esoteric board games. Some of his favorites include An Infamous Traffic, Maria, and Pax Renaissance.

A photo of Deron, one of the founders of Whippin 8s Games

Alex Beattie

Alex, the in-house historian at Whippin 8s Games, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for historical accuracy. A Boston College graduate with a degree in history, Alex ensures that our games are rooted in authenticity. As our de facto lead designer, he combines his natural ability for logical thinking and number crunching to create well-balanced and smoothly functioning games. Alex is dedicated to making our board games as engaging as they are meticulously crafted. His all time favorite board game is Merchants & Marauders (just don't tell him that, he's in denial).

A photo of Alex, one of the founders of Whippin 8s Games